The overview of me

Hello readers! My name is Beth-Ann. I am from small town. I moved around to many different places! Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed moving but it was difficult leaving my friends behind. Saying goodbye to people never got easier. My family finally settled in the small town I was born in. It was different, my mom started homeschooling me when we moved here and she would get so angry at me because I had ADD and the medication they gave me when I was younger messed my bladder up so I had to quit taking it. I was homeschooled for 4 years and then my parents decided to put me in a private school in this small town. The headmaster, who happened to be my uncle, got fired my forth year of school. My parents then decided to my brother Ian’s I to a public school. It was a big difference from going to a school of 200 to a school of 600 plus students. It was fine at first then soccer season came around and the couch didn’t start me. Then the beginning of my 11th grade year I decided to be homeschooled but I became very depressed. In lou of these events I went back to Vidalia to finish out the school year. My senior year, which is my current grade, I decided to be and ACCEL student. I am enjoying my college classes but I miss the people at the high school. Every time I see one of them I feel so left out and lost. I wish I fit in somewhere. I guess I will have to try harder.


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